Introduction About ESD Turnstile from Tianhong

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Author : Mary
Update time : 2021-12-24 16:29:31
Feature of Tianhong ESD Turnstiles
  1. Integrate with RFID card and IC card automatic recognition/fingerprint recognition/face recognition.
  2. Anti-static test.
  3. Real-time upload of swiping card information.
  4. Multimedia signage linkage monitoring function.
  5. Alarm function.
  6. Integration of test+swipe card+display, the integration of stainless steel and acrylic.
  7. Support full-screen record display, support live voice broadcast.
  8. Support English/Chinese/Arabic/French/Russian language, you can also customize to add other languages.

The functions of Tianhong ESD turnstile:

1. Realize the double verification of personnel identity and static electricity test. When the card is legal and static electricity test is passed, it can pass the gate;

2. Flexible distribution of personnel authority. Different authorities are assigned to people with different identities. For example, the office manager only needs to swipe the card legally to pass the gate, while the workshop assembly workers need to swipe the card and pass the electrostatic test before they can pass the gate;

3. It is forbidden for unidentified persons to enter or leave at will and sneak in after them;

4. Fast and accurate statistics and real-time query of all kinds of in and out records;

5. Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, built-in automatic buffer device, stable operation, and long service life.

6. It has the emergency function of power-off. The brake rod will drop automatically when it is powered off, and it will be loaded automatically when it is powered on.

7. LED light with direction prompt, controller with statistical function, LED can display digital number.

8. Compatible with IC, ID, magnetic card, bar code card, antistatic, and other smart cards.

9. With standard input and output interfaces, it can be freely connected with various reading and writing devices, which is a better choice for system integrators

10. Can be extended to an automatic identity recognition system to achieve access control, attendance, charging, and other functions.

11. Can be integrated with other types of access control products.

Functional Features:

Automatic identification of radio frequency did card and CIC card

The system uses radiofrequency technology to access the personnel information in the database in real-time, so as to quickly identify the personnel information. If you are not registered in the system, you can also identify and mention it.

Antistatic test

The anti-static test instrument can quickly judge whether the tester’s static ring, left foot static shoes, and right foot static shoes meet the anti-static requirements. Each channel can be in and out in two directions, greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment. When personnel passes through, the system can automatically identify the in and out direction.

Real-time upload of credit card information

Through TCP / IP network, the system can upload the personnel information and the resistance value data to the management and command center in real-time, and can also automatically send the ng data to the mailbox of the management personnel designated by each team.

Multimedia Kanban joint control and monitoring function

A large display screen can be installed in the access control test channel to display the information of unqualified personnel and mark it in red for leaders and customers to watch and verify at any time.

Illegal card alarm function

For those who do not have a card or whose card is illegal, when they pass through the gate channel, they will immediately give an audible and visual alarm. For example, when going to and from work, illegal people and unauthorized people mix into the crowd and try to follow them. The access control system can automatically identify and effectively prevent foreign people from entering, and truly achieve the combination of civil air defense and technical defense.

The above is an introduction to the ESD turnstile gate system. If you have any questions about this system or you want to customize a special ESD turnstile gate system according to your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to serve you at an affordable offer.