Automatic Door Operator TH-ADP208

Item No.: TH-ADP208
Automatic Swing Door can be opened and closed automatically in any ordinary doors, it is widely used in offices, hospitals, commercial and industrial environments, simple and effective.

·        Function and features:

·        1. Control by Microcomputer, it can inspect position automatically.
2. Overheating, overvoltage, over-current automatic protection.
3. Multifunction extended interface, such as Door Access control device, Infrared/Microwave detector, Alarm. Remote control etc.
4.Remote control (Optional)
5.Automatically open the door
6.Maintain opening (normal open)
7.Emergence closing(normal close)

·        Technical parameter:

·        1.Width of Opening door: 800 -1000 mm (single door)
2.Weight of door: 60 - 80KG for (single door)
3.Auto program: Open signal
→Unlock→90 degree open door→Time delay for opening→Closed→Locked
4.Working modes: Automatic--Working as automatic program; Normal open--Open automatically and keep open; Closed --Keep closing compulsory.
5.Working mode: Synchronous / in order / charged lock output control mode
6.Door open degree: Adjustable
7.Opening speed: 2.5 – 6 s adjust continuously
8.Opening time; 1 - 99 s adjust continuously
9.Closing speed: 2.5 – 6 s adjust continuously
10.Output of electric lock: Normal close contact point/normal open contact point and one set of 12V contact point, can use for DC12 V 1.5A
11.Safety system: Protection for over-current, over-voltage, and fault
12.Noise: <60DB
13.Power: AC220V±0% 50~60 HZ
14.Power consumption Static status: single core 2W; dynamic status: single core 10 W.
15.Dimension: L * H * thickness::595 x 80 x 82(mm)
16.IP protection: Ip50