Full Heght Turnstile TH-FHT208-2

Item No.: TH-FHT208-2
To be applied in high-secured mass areas, such as stadiums, big compunds, offices, airports, theatre,prisons & constrcution sites etc.

Product Descrption 

This pedestrian full height security gate benefits with significant space snd cost saving in comparison to two single turnstiles installed one near another. It is a perfect fit for applications with heighest intensity of pedestrian traffic, like stadiums or large factories. Can be supplied both in fully welded or assembly (attractive for transportation) design.

1.304 stainless steel(1.5+2.5);         

2.Steel cut by laser;                                                       

3.The least welding portion polished properly;                                             

4.Original finish kept;                     

5.Net weight: 260kg; 

5.6. C.B.M weight: 4.2 C.B.M  ;
6.Size of wooden case:2200*1670*1120mm


8.Pass rate: 30 person /min;           

9.Pass width:≤650mm;                     

10.Input : 220V,50HZ;                 

11.Motor voltage: 24v                     
12.Environment: -25~+70; 

13.Power consumption:32w; 

14.Input: 12v level signal or Pulse Wide>100ms ;