Intelligent Storage Cabinet locker TH-SKL308

Item No.: TH-SKL308
The record of user's operation steps can be inquired about, for example, deposit time, case occupation, door closing, withdrawal time, the mode of door opening (centralized control or valid card).It is widely used in supermarkets,schools etc.

Function and features:

1. Its management can be unified with the consumption management system.
2. The networking management is under central control. The occupation of the storage cabinet is under real-time monitor.
3.It supports multi-level authority management under which the cabinets can be classified into ordinary cabinet, VIP cabinet, and cabinet for valuables, etc.
4.It is equipped with the warning function in case of abnormal card reading.
5. It is equipped with the warning function in case of unlocked doors to make sure of the safety of the customer's belongings.
6. It is made of choice materials. The body and the door are made of 0.8mm and 1.0mm high-quality cold-roll steel sheets respectively. The surface is electrostatic sprayed after being packetized by acid, which guarantees its long-lasting stain-proof ability and makes it beautiful and durable.
7. It is safe. The body construction is firm; there is no disassemble screw on the door surface; the electromagnetic lock ensures that door can be firmly locked and flexibly flipped open. And only the valid card owner can open the door, which ensures the safety of their belongings.
8. It is expandable. The cabinet is of combination type. The controller of a set of cabinet units can control up to 32 doors. The numbers and functions of the cases are combined flexibly. The compact size is quite convenient for transportation and use.
9. Things in the cabinet can be withdrawn even when the power is off. The information data in the system can be saved for over ten years in case of power off. The administrator can break open every door manually.
10. It provides two alternative response modes: (1) central control (2) valid card. One can withdraw their belongings in the cabinet quickly by scanning the valid card with the sensing head. It is fast, convenient, and accurate with an identification rate as high as 100%. The efficiency is about 100 times higher than that of the traditional cabinet with manual password entry system. The withdrawal only takes about one second, which safes much more time compared with the traditional cabinet.
11. It is of intense interactivity between man and machine. The user interface uses a big lattice LCD with background light, convenient for the user and administrator. The screen displays the occupation, time and steps of operation of all cabinets.
12. The program is of high security. IC card or ID card is used as certificates for withdrawal, which strengthens the security of the certificates.
13. It is administrator friendly. The cabinet is equipped with infrared ray detecting system which can check the occupation of each case. The administrator can perform such operations as automatic check, cabinet observation, clear the false occupation, etc. (optional)
14.Each individual case can be locked. When one individual case breaks down because of mechanical failure or line fault, the system will automatically open the next normal one when the password code is being printed, without affecting the working of the combined cases.
15. Bilingual menus are provided for users to switch. The system is equipped with such functions as bilingual display (Chinese and English), print and so on. The cabinet is suited for the places which are frequented by foreigners. It is user friendly. (Optional)
16.Inquiry about operation steps. The record of user's operation steps can be inquired about, for example, deposit time, case occupation, door closing, withdrawal time, the mode of door opening (centralized control or valid card). The record of administrator's steps of operations, record display of the break-open, and clearance of the false occupation can also be inquired about.
17. Personal safety is ensured. Transformed by the switching mode power supply transformer inside the cabinet, the utility power is transformed into electricity of 18V and delivered to every part of the cabinet. At the same time, the cabinet is equipped with leakage protector. When the circuit leaks, or is touched by any person, the protector will automatically cut the power in 0.3 second to make sure of the personal safety.
18.Communication protocol :TCP
19.Dimension: 1830L x 1610H x 400W (mm) (it can adjust according to customers’requirement)