Turnstile Barrier Gate

Item No.: TH-TSB401
Swing barriers are designed to control pedestrian entering and exiting, adopts stainless steel #304, double brushed surface treatment, dust-proof, rustproof, rainproof design, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to integrate with other read/write de

Main Features: 

1. Provide normally open / normally close to satisfy management request.

  2. Compatible with RF card readers, bar code readers, biometric readers, push button.

  3. Equipped with infrared photocell, alarm while unauthorized entry or tailgating attempts, together with anti-strike function to protect pedestrian.

  4. Expanded to automatic identification system, access control system, Traffic control, attendance check and fare collection system etc.

  5. Automatically reset : lock automatically while the pedestrian not pass in the pre-set time after the flap opened. The time is adjustable.

  6. Equipped with international interface, can be easily integrated with other R/W device and managed through remote supervision computer

  7. (Optional) Support gate open while power failure and recover N/C mode after power on.

  8. (Optional) Memory function. Can pass N pedestrians continuously by swiping card N times correspondingly (N<=16)

  9. (Optional) Back passing alarm function, barrier will alarm if pedestrian pass from opposite direction after reading the card.

  10. One direction or bi-direction is optional.