Waterproof Speed Gate with IP65

Item No.: TH-SG3216
The waterproof speed gate SG3216  with IP65 rating is a durable and weather-resistant access control solution, designed to withstand water and dust ingress for reliable performance in outdoor environments.
The waterproof speed gate SG3216 with an IP65 rating is a highly durable and weather-resistant access control solution. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the gate is equipped with robust waterproofing features that protect its internal components from water and dust ingress. With its IP65 rating, it ensures reliable performance and longevity in outdoor installations. The gate's waterproof design makes it suitable for various applications, providing secure and efficient access control in wet or challenging environments.

Main Technical Parameters

Main Function Characters
1. Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, stable operation, and long service life
2. Equipped with automatic opening function of power outage door wings, meeting the needs of fire exits
3. Equipped with anti tailgating and anti anti backtracking capabilities
4. Swipe the card to set the "with memory" or "without memory" function
5. It has an automatic reset function, which means that after obtaining the permission to pass the gate, if there is no pass within the set time, the gate will automatically return to the locked state
6. Equipped with infrared anti pinch and rebound function when encountering obstacles (anti pinch function is available when the baffle is running)
7. Compatible with recognition methods such as IC, ID card scanning, and facial recognition
8. It can provide two working modes: normally open or normally closed
9. It has multiple working modes to choose from, including bidirectional card reading and simultaneous