Affordable & Durble Flap Barrier Gate Turnstile

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Author : Mark
Update time : 2022-09-22 23:39:31
The use of flap barrier gate turnstile in life has gradually become more widespread. While we effectively help staff reduce work pressure, we also ensure the safety of passage. The practical design of the flap barrier gate turnstile  shows the development prospect of high technology and the humanized design concept. Wing gates are widely used in public places such as subways, communities, campuses, office buildings, etc., which bring great convenience to customers in terms of line restriction and management.

So what are the advantages of our flap barrieri gate turnstiles ?
Let me introduce to you as below:

The operation stability is high, the flap barrier  gate design is relatively reliable, there is no big noise in operation, and it is practical and durable.

Effectively improve the convenience of passage, the automatic door of the flap barrier gate runs fast, and the smoothness of passage is more convenient. Ensure the safety of people entering and leaving.

The anti-tailing ability is strong. The wing gate can not only allow people to pass through quickly, but also has a strong anti-tailing ability. When the tailing phenomenon occurs, the system will automatically alarm.

From the perspective of safety, the gate can be equipped with a soft-wing gate to avoid the problem of children walking slowly due to height problems and the elderly walking slowly to prevent accidental injuries from being pinched.

Pleased to recommend you our classic design model TH-FGB201 as below.
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