Brief on the full height turnstile with the highest security level

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Author : Jack
Update time : 2022-11-12 22:16:17
The full-height gate, also known as the turnstile, is an intelligent control terminal device for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage. The full-height gate is suitable for strict control areas, which can effectively prevent climbing and overrunning, and can strictly manage and protect the surrounding personnel, especially for the intrusion of outsiders, the full-height gate controlled by management authority can reject people without authority entrance, if the permission is allowed to pass, the full-height gate will be released automatically.
Advantages of full height turnstiles
High stability and long life
The structure of the full-height turnstile is continuously optimized and upgraded, the design is reasonable and reliable, the noise is low, the operation is stable, and the service life is long.
Anti-trailing, recoil
The full-height turnstile is a mechanical anti-tailgating design, which can effectively control the passage of one person at a time and effectively prevent the tailgating behavior. When a pedestrian enters the passage from the opposite direction of the legal door opening signal and pushes the brake lever, the brake lever in that direction is locked and the pedestrian is denied access.
Anti-climbing and drilling
The appearance structure can form a dynamic closed structure, thereby preventing pedestrians from climbing up and down, illegal intrusion, which is not found in other turnstiles.
Under the triple defense of "anti-tailing + anti-climbing and drilling + anti-recoil", coupled with the closed exterior structure to block passage and the stainless steel material is firm and not easy to damage, it can be unattended, and the high security level is reflected.
Automatic reset
When the pedestrian does not pass within the specified time after reading the card or fingerprint, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian's current pass authority, and the limited passing time can be set by the administrator.
Classification of full height turnstiles
By number of channels:
Single-door full-height turnstile, double-door full-height turnstile
Classified by control mode:
Full automatic full height switch, semi-automatic full height switch
Divided by using objects:
Full height turnstile for pedestrians and full height turnstile shared by pedestrians and vehicles
Applicable places of full height turnstile
At present, full height turnstiles are mostly used in places with high confidentiality, anti riot and unattended, such as residential areas, prisons, scenic spots, gymnasiums, factories, data centers, parking lots, etc.