How to Choose the Pedestrian Access Turnstiles

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Author : Mark
Update time : 2022-05-28 23:57:50
Nowadays, the pedestrian access turnstiles are widely used in public places. The recognition method has been upgraded from IC/ID cards and QR codes to the current face recognition and safe and rapid pedestrian access turnstiles. At present, there are various types of pedestrian access turnstiles in the market, and the quality is also uneven. For users who purchase for the first time, they can refer to the following aspects.
A、 In terms of performance
1. Stability: stability is the preferred factor. It is recommended to choose mature and industry-leading pedestrian access turnstiles.
 2. Scalability and economy: users can make statistics and business development according to the storage capacity requirements, and can complete the future system expansion through software and hardware upgrading.
 3. Have the ability to avoid damage: ensure the safety of equipment, system operation and operators. The equipment and system shall have the functions of high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, anti-static and anti-interference.
 4. Product appearance: take the appearance as one of the reference standards to achieve the additional functions of visual enjoyment.
B、 In terms of identification method
 1. just brush your face. You don't need another card, certificate or mobile phone to pass. This will bring users a good sense of experience.
 2. the camera can actively acquire the face image without the active cooperation and verification of passers-by.
 3. non-contact verification to ensure safety and health.
 4. be able to conduct dynamic analysis, identify high-definition photos, PS, 3D models, face changing and other counterfeit fraud means, and          determine that the passer-by is himself.
C、 From the perspective of gate type
1.For single control of pedestrian flow, tripod turnstile, flap barrier gate and one arm drop turnstile gate can be chosen, which are relatively       practical. 
2.If it is necessary to control the flow of people at a faster speed, choose  the swing gate, speed gat & flap barrier gate.
3. To control the flow of people, it is also necessary to control the flow of vehicles (electric vehicles, tricycles) and choose the swing gate.
4. The full height gate is usually customized according to the actual situation of the project, it is often used in high secured area of embassies, airport, prisons etc.

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