How to Purchase High Quality Access Control Turnstiles

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Author : Tony
Update time : 2022-06-03 12:36:47
The safety turnstile is a kind of machine and equipment for the management of safety access. Its most basic and critical role is to complete the manual management method and standardize the entry and exit of non-motor vehicles by only one person at a time, so as to improve the safety protection work ability of the physical line in the security area.
With the wide use of safety turnstiles, there are more and more turnstile manufacturers on the market, but the quality and price of the products are uneven. So, what must be paid attention to when purchasing safety turnstile in the market?
1. Is the safety of pedestrians guaranteed?

From the perspective of safety, when purchasing access gates, it is mainly necessary to understand the mechanisms of gate products in terms of pedestrian movement trajectory and behavior recognition detection, anti-pinch mechanism for illegally entering pedestrians, and emergency response processing in emergency situations. These aspects are to ensure access.  The basis for the high safety of brake products. A certain number of opposite detection points will be set on the inside of the device. When pedestrians pass through the device, their bodies will block the detection points, so as to form an effective and rapid identification of the pedestrian's trajectory and behavior. The tracking-type traffic logic detection algorithm running in the central controller realizes high-efficiency logic judgment and drives the response action of the channel gate wings. The large-hand channel gate adopts LED high-density matrix infrared detection light curtain to judge the location area, state, passing direction and validity of authorization verification of pedestrians in the channel, and calculate and analyze, so as to make corresponding judgments.
2. Compatibility of access turnstile system.
In order to facilitate future upgrades, expansion and for anti-interference considerations, it is recommended to choose terminal identification equipment that conforms to international standards, rather than the wider the compatibility, the better. Some formats have some local advantages, but they do not conform to international standards, which will cause trouble for future upgrades, expansion, and anti-interference. The principle of "practical, stable, and standard-compliant" should be adhered to.
3. Anti-destructive ability.
Access turnstile systems are used to protect people and property, so the system itself must be secure. The high safety mentioned here, on the one hand, refers to the natural or quasi-natural attributes of the product or system, which should ensure the safety of equipment and system operation and the safety of operators. Humid heat, and anti-static, anti-interference, etc.; on the other hand, the access control channel gate system should also have the function of preventing vandalism, such as: tamper-proof alarm, etc.
4. Product appearance.
With the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, while pursuing functional practicality, its appearance design can be used as one of the reference standards, in order to achieve additional functions of visual enjoyment.