How to correct use and maintenance of the access turnstile

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Author : Mary
Update time : 2022-06-11 19:05:17
How much do you know about the correct use and maintenance of the access turnstile?
Turnstiles can be seen everywhere in our life, especially at the entrances and exits of subway, train and other transportation points. However, the turnstiles we want to tell today are the turnstiles installed in university dormitories and teaching buildings - special turnstiles for colleges and universities.
You must think I'm very low. Where can I say such a simple question! In fact, it is not. The normal way of passage is to swipe the card - open the gate - pass. However, in case of an emergency, such as a dangerous situation in an apartment building and the need for emergency evacuation, we can't turn the gate into the gate of hell. The turnstile has the function of automatically retracting the wing gate and turning it into a barrier free passage for emergency evacuation. The function is controlled by the computer in the general control room. Each turnstile manufacturer must provide corresponding training. If you don't know, Please consult your turnstile manufacturer immediately.
Proper Use:
1. when the pedestrian passage gate passes through, when the red light of the indicator light is on, it is strictly prohibited to squeeze or push the wing gate, so as not to affect the normal operation of the gate;
2. when the pedestrian passage gate passes through, when the green light of the indicator light is on, please pass within 6 seconds to avoid being bruised by the gate wings (the gate in Shenzhen has launched a multi infrared product to detect the traffic conditions and avoid bruises);
3. The turnstile identity authentication and identification. At present, card swiping, QR code, fingerprint swiping and face swiping are common in the market. Regardless of identity identification, the background will conduct database comparison on the passing identity. If the comparison information is inconsistent, the gate will not be released and an audible and visual alarm will be given. The passing information will be uploaded to the server and tracked by video linkage;
4. it is recommended not to expose the gate to the open air, humid or corrosive environment, so as to avoid the impact of rain, moisture and corrosion on the service life of the gate. If it must be used outdoors or in the environment without shelter, do not worry. It can be used outdoors for dust and rain prevention;
Maintenance Method:
1. External cleaning and maintenance: clean the dust on the surface with a soft cloth which can make the outside of the chassis as bright as new. If possible, you can apply anti rust oil (Note: do not wipe it by hand just after application, and the anti rust oil penetrates for 3 hours). Pay special attention to the fact that the anti rust oil must not be applied to the infrared part, otherwise it will cause abnormal infrared induction;
2. For the maintenance of the movement, clean the internal dust, especially the gear and gear groove, properly apply lubricant or grease to strengthen the lubrication, check the looseness of each fastener inside the gate and the looseness of the connecting rod, and timely reinforce the problems found; Check the solenoid valve core and add lubricant or grease appropriately;
3. When the chassis is opened for maintenance, the power connected to the chassis must be turned off. It is strictly forbidden to plug or unplug the port connection socket with power;
4. After swiping the card, the turnstile cannot be opened at the same time. There is a problem with the proximity switch at the unopened end. Please check the proximity switch;
5. The turnstile is normally opened, but there will be a bang sound when it is opened or closed. Please check whether the screws of the door panel are loose, the proximity switch and the main control board terminals, and check them one by one.
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