Traffic Signal Head Light

Item No.: TH-TSG101
Traffic lights, traffic signals, stoplights or robots  are signalling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control flows of traffic
Traffic signal light is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate, resistant to mechanical stress, unfavorable weather conditions and solar radiation. Product is easy to install and maintenance attributed to its modular design and constructional snap elements.
  • Green light
    Allows traffic to proceed in the direction denoted, if it is safe to do so and there is room on the other side of the intersection.
  • Red light
    Prohibits any traffic from proceeding. A flashing red indication requires traffic to stop and then proceed when safe .
  • Amber light (also known as 'orange light' or 'yellow light')
    Warns that the signal is about to change to red, with some jurisdictions requiring drivers to stop if it is safe to do so, and others allowing drivers to go through the intersection if safe to do so. In some European countries (such as the UK), red and amber is displayed together, indicating that the signal is about to change to green.
  • Main Features 
  • IP65, modular housing
  • 200mm (8") diameter, color tinted lens
  • 100-240VAC or 12-24VDC operating range
  • internal diffusing optics for bright, consistent light distribution
  • >500M viewing distance
Comes with universal style L shaped mounting brackets and cutaway style visors.
At less than 18lbs, these signals can be mounted horizontal or verticle to fit your application.
These commercial signals are perfect for any application. Weigh stations, industrial and manufacturing applications, dock lights, safety lights and more!
Limited 2 year warranty on LED modules.

Available in Black or Yellow housing