Traffic Led Signal Light TH-MTL207

Item No.: TH-MTL207
Mobile red and green signal lamp is a movable and lifting solar emergency light, Solar power supply and light source are used as LED energy-saving light emitting diode, and microcomputer is used for control IC chip, which can control multiple channels, i

Mobile red and green signal light is a kind of mobile, adjustable solar emergency traffic light, using solar power supply, auxiliary charging, light source using LED energy-saving light-emitting diode, control using microcomputer IC chip, can control the road.

1.There is no cable connection between each group of lights, that is, there is no need to break the road or overhead line, the installation is very simple, save time, save labor and save cost, easy maintenance;

2.By solar energy, battery power supply, no need to supply electricity, energy saving, has good social benefits.

3.In continuous cloudy and rainy days can also work continuously for 5 to 7 days, such as correct installation, 365 days a year non-stop work;

4.The controller has the features of high reliability, simple operation interface, complete functions, multiple phases, multiple schemes, multiple periods, manual and so on.

Product features:

Simple installation: no wiring is required.
Energy saving: low power consumption, solar power supply, low operating cost.
Green environmental protection: no harmful substances, no pollutants.
Stable performance: microcomputer control, complete protection circuit, stable and reliable function.
Long life: the service life of LED is more than or equal to 100000 hours, and the service life of solar panel is 15 years.
Strong and durable: compact structure, using sheet metal + baking paint to prevent rust.
Flexible control mode: multi period timing control, yellow flash control, period yellow flash, manual yellow flash, general working days, holidays and special days.
Long working hours: fully charged, can work continuously for 15 rainy days.