Airport Double Door Speed Gate

Item No.: TH-MT01K
This double door speed gate is specially designed for the passport checking channel at the airport. It is a high security level double check, high pass speed gate with self board solution of unmanned mangement.

Advantage Features:

  • High-Tech Vision
  • Matte painting, High temperature resistance
  • 2.0mm cold rolling sheet: anti-rust, high temperature resistance, stable
  • Self-developed infrared logic algorithm
  • Brushless servo direct drive mechanism
  • Servo control system
  • Anti-shock function

Technical Parameters:

1.Innovative design and exquist maching to meet the high-end access control solution
2.Fast pass speed Turnstile to ensure an orderly access of 35-45 people per minute
3.Easy operation and free maintenance
4.MCBF :5 million times, ideal for site where have heavy traffic duty,like Airport,Stations,Gyms ,Stadium,Factories etc.
5.Body : SUS304 stainless steel housing, size: 2825 X 215 X 1400mm
6:Lane passing width: larger or equal to 600mm