Electronic Key Cabinet Locker TH-KML308B

Item No.: TH-KML308B
Tianhong's affordable range of intelligent key lockers provide a smart, secure, and effective storage solution that enables organizations to improve processes or to extend service options for customers.
 Key Management Systems operated from a 5 or 10” capacitive touch screen control panel with standard FingerprintFace RecognitionDigitalCode & RFID IC Card access, incorporate static key management for buildings and estates teams or dynamic key management for fleets or vehicle key management where keys may move between sites and cabinets.
Key & Asset Control Software allows you to add all of your staff, key and important information into one database, therefore allowing you to track all of your key movements in detail.

TIANHONG intelligent key Cabinet Locker guarantees that all keys are always secure, exactly in their correct position within the cabinet for fast access, or in the safe hands of a known authorized employee. The anti-tamper seals ensure no individual key theft, even when off-site, ensuring all bunches are returned, complete. TIANHONG Key Locke ensures that all the keys are always quickly available to all authorized users, not tucked away or unavailable. Instant reports show which keys were used and what they were used for, or how long staff took to complete that task, whilst ensuring the keys are all returned quickly on completion, for other users to access.

Further options include:

  •  Locking or Non-Locking Tracks
  •  Static or Dynamic Key Positions
  •  10” HD Touchscreen Controller or 5” HD Keypad Controller
  •  Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Rfid IC Card & PIN  Access