Intelligent Key Cabinet Locker

Item No.: TH-KML418
The smart key management system is mainly composed of smart key cabinet, server, database, control software, etc. through the system, it can automatically receive and return the key, verify the identity of the borrower, configure the authority of users.

The key management system mainly realizes the intelligent management of keys, assists users in borrowing and returning keys, with fingerprint or facial verification, key RFID recognition, voice prompts, touch screen operation, LCD display and other functions

Technical indicators

 1. Hardware index
(1) Technical parameters
1850 * 650 * 300mm (this product)
Specification 2 1850 * 750 * 300mm (2017, 2018)
Power supply voltage: AC 110V or 220V
Working temperature - 10-60 ℃
Power supply initialization time: 5100ms at 230VAC full load
Power supply insulation power supply insulation characteristics, between input end and output end: 3kVac
Internal wire diameter: internal power supply wire diameter of the system is 21.0mm
Wire: high temperature DuPont wire.
Distance between wires at circuit end and between wires at circuit terminal is 1.27mm.
(2) Communication mode and wireless encrypted network communication parameters
Establish the connection with the device through USB wireless self-organizing encryption network
The communication mode is connected, and the data of the same key cabinet is processed through the encryption network
Interaction to ensure data security.
Transmitting power Transmitting power < 500mW
Static current < 0.1 Ma
Emission current 3-50ma

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