Biometric Face Recognition Speed Gate TH-SG416

Item No.: TH-SG416
This new speed gate is installed with our newly developed thermometer detector face recognition. It supports mask + temperature control with voice alarming.

Face recognition turnstile is a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate that is integrated with a face recognition thermometer. Face recognition turnstile is composed of two parts: the face recognition camera terminal and the pedestrian turnstile gate. The difference between the face recognition turnstile and the turnstile gate used alone is that the face recognition turnstile can not only control the turnstile gate through card swiping and QR code, but also control the turnstile gate opening through face recognition (face brushing), which does not only improve the experience of pedestrians in and out, but also improves the security of the place.

In recent years, the application of face recognition turnstile is more and more widely. Many office buildings, railway stations, and other crowded places use face recognition turnstile gates. Face recognition turnstile can not only quickly compare people in and out, but also effectively improve the site safety and traffic efficiency.

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Technical Parameters

1. Configuration: Mechanism, Housing, Control board, Power supply
2. Power Consumption:Static state: single core 60W; dynamic state: single core 160W.
3. Power Input:AC220V±10%,50HZ
4. Output:DC5V、DC12V、AC24V
5. Drive Mode:DC electric motor 
6. Interface:one Rs 232 interface, two card reader signals (passive), one fire alarm interface.
7. Overall Dimension:1500L x 185W x 1020H (mm)
8. Following Speed:35 people/minute in normal mode, 50 people/minute in fast mode 
9. Service Life: Five millions continuous rotation
10.Operation Direction:Single/bi-directional 
11.Working Environment:Indoor
12.Lane Width:500mm-550mm
13.Opening Angle:90±5°
15.Opening and Closing time:1 second 
16.Net Weight: Single core 70 KGS/set; double cores 100 KGS/set